Wellness Feels Like It Is Everywhere Now—But Do You Know the “Founding Fathers” That Started This Movement?

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Jack Travis, MD, and Don Ardell, PhD, are widely credited with shaping the way we talk and think about wellness today—pioneering the concept back in the ’70s

Wellness is now a staggering $2 trillion global industry (SRI International). The term and movement is spreading worldwide, and sometimes it feels like the “W” word is now everywhere. Sure, we can roll our collective eyes when it’s cheaply applied to a “lite” TV dinner, but most of us will agree that the world remains in dire need of alternatives to traditional medicine’s reactive, illness-centered model, and that new health concepts based on more self-responsibility—where the goal is a dramatically more comprehensive “total wellness” of body and mind—can be life- and world-changing. Continue reading

Prestigious Global Wellness Tourism Congress Endorsement by Peter Greenberg

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We have been talking for some time now about the gathering momentum and growth within the wellness tourism sector. Since conducting our landmark research last year, The Global Wellness Tourism Economy report has garnered world-wide attention, both in the media and in the halls of ministries from Mexico to Madrid.

One person who has taken particular notice is the renown travel journalist, Peter Greenberg. Peter was part of our agenda last year in New Delhi, and he is joining us again in Morocco, not only to moderate panels and offer his insights into the benefits of wellness tourism, but also to record his syndicated radio show, “Peter Greenberg Worldwide!” Peter will be inviting speakers, presenters and delegates to share their thoughts with his global audience of 40 million listeners. Peter is also taping video segments, directly from our Summit, for his PBS series, “Travel Detective.”

But don’t take my word for it.

If you’re in the wellness and tourism industries, you would be well served to find your way to Marrakech on September 10th!

Morocco 2014: Issue 13 Wired for Wellness

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For some, connecting the terms “wired and wellness” is counterintuitive, especially as being tethered to cell phones, computers and tablets every waking minute of our lives has created a backlash of its own. But we have become a society that is crazy for data – and putting this data to work can truly make us “well”. Continue reading

What are you wearing?

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Dear Colleagues,

In the spirit of this year’s Summit theme of “>>Fast Forward”, technology will play a central role on the agenda.  We will be hearing about the impact of technology on everything from architecture to retail to real estate to brain science!  No matter your particular interest, chances are technology is a big part of your work and your life.

And that’s part of the conversation we’re going to have this year.  And we need your help to bring this to life. Continue reading

Morocco 2014: Issue 11: High Tech Can Still Be High Touch

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By Frank Pitsikalis, founder & CEO, ResortSuite, a leading provider of integrated, guest-centric hospitality and leisure management technologies.

Wearable Wellness: As more and more people look to embrace back-to-basics wellness by eating less-processed food, leading an active lifestyle and seeking leisure time that nurtures the mind, body and spirit, they are also moving forward adopting technology that makes wellness a focal point of their day-to-day lives. Wearable technology and apps and the use of gamification that overlays competitive or community mechanisms to get people more engaged in meeting their health goals, has been a huge trend over the past couple of years. There is a new understanding that technology used in simple and unobtrusive ways can be a very powerful thing in shaping our behavior. It can motivate us to reach small, incremental daily goals that, when added together, can have a huge impact on our overall wellness. Continue reading

Morocco 2014: Issue 10: Moroccan Spa Inspirations

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2014 GSWS Co-Chairs Anna Bjurstram and Neil Jacobs, both of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, share a couple of Morocco’s unique spa traditions..

Morocco is an inspirational venue for this year’s Summit, and we’re thrilled to be co-chairs of the agenda committee that is creating the program and curating speakers and presenters. We have done quite a bit of work in Morocco and find it to be an amazing country with a unique contribution to the wider spa and wellness world. We believe Africa in general, and Morocco in particular, is an integral part of our world’s future and knowing more about its unique heritage will help our industry Fast Forward (this year’s Summit theme). Continue reading