Morocco 2014: Issue 7: Spa Retailing: Whose Job Is It? By Lisa M. Starr

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We all know that the retailing of home care products has many benefits for spas: they extend treatment results, drive higher customer retention, and – no small matter – increase revenue. And we all know that for most spas around the world, retailing is “stuck.” ISPA data shows that that’s literally true: with retail consistently representing only about 12-13% of spa revenues. Spas persistently struggle with the very logistics of retailing, in part because many still have not firmly answered the question, “Whose job is it?” The therapist?  The front desk and customer service staff?  Someone assigned to the retail department?  All of the above? We’ll share what successful spas say below… Continue reading

Morocco 2014: Issue 6: Heading Into The Future-Do You Like What You See?

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Each year’s Global Spa and Wellness Summit has a unique focus. The theme of last year’s in India was “A Defining Moment,” and with the Dalai Lama in attendance, it certainly was one. This year’s conference in Morocco (taking place September 10-12) is taking a dramatically different viewpoint – it will be all about the future!

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Morocco 2014: Issue 5: With Wellness Travel Rising Worldwide – You Could Say We’re All “Turning European”

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New research shows Europeans rank # 1 for wellness-focused trips taken annually –and we all have a few things to learn from their approach to healthy travel

“The rest of us” have long been envious of Europeans: we constantly hear about how much vacation time they take–and it’s true:

According to Expedia’s latest “Vacation Deprivation” report, the gap between how much time-off the average European has vs. the rest of the world is striking. People in countries like France, Denmark and Spain take 26-30 days – while the average American only takes 10, and the Japanese and Koreans only take 7. That survey shows European bosses are the most supportive of employee vacation time, knowing better than the rest of the world that burned-out workers are rarely productive ones. Continue reading

Morocco 2014 Issue 4: Have hotel spas lost their luster?

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weekender3114_header3The Global Spa & Wellness Summit (GSWS) was founded on the “spirit” of shared purpose versus individual gain – the concept of discovering how much we can accomplish together as a group versus working individually. Several years ago, the Summit added forums for specific stakeholder groups, bringing together colleagues and competitors alike from various sectors to create an open discussion for the free exchange of ideas, debates and strategies. Continue reading