GSWS media partner, Day Spa magazine, reports on Day One of the Global Spa & Wellness Summit

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GSWS media partner, Day Spa Magazine, reports on the busy series of events that were day one of the Global Spa & Wellness Summit. Day Spa Magazine writer Lisa Starr outlined items that were discussed like Africa being the last frontier of wellness tourism or curveballs to the industry like 3D printing or robotics. It all encapsulates a busy yet groundbreaking day of keynote speakers, knowledge forums, and discussions that will stimulate the spa industry for the year to come. 

Magatte Wade, CEO & Founder, Tiossan, Senegal speaks from the heart about the future of Africa

Magatte Wade, CEO & Founder, Tiossan, Senegal speaks from the heart about the future of Africa

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GSWS media partner, Spa Business magazine, reports on Mentors for Spa Management Training

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GSWS media partner, Spa Business magazine,  reports on the list of mentors for the recently announced spa manager mentorship programme as part of the Global Spa Management Education Initiative have been revealed at the Global Spa and Wellness Summit (GSWS) currently taking place in Marrakech, Morocco. 

Special Welcome from Morocco - Lahcen Haddad, PhD, Minister of Tourism, Kingdom of Morocco

Special Welcome from Morocco – Lahcen Haddad, PhD, Minister of Tourism, Kingdom of Morocco

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GSWS media partner, Spa Business magazine reports on the Start of the Global Spa & Wellness Summit

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GSWS media partner, Spa Business magazine,  reports on the start of the Global Spa & Wellness Summit on September 10. Spa Business writer, Helen Andrews, touched upon new events like the 2014 Spa & Wellness Economy Research Report and the third annual Spa Education Forum.  Both have been greatly anticipated by the Global wellness community.

Pete Ellis welcomes delegates to the 8th Annual Global Spa & Wellness Summit in Morocco

Pete Ellis welcomes delegates to the 8th Annual Global Spa & Wellness Summit in Morocco

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Many missed SRI International’s presentation updating global wellness tourism numbers, because, understandably, they couldn’t miss retail/tech expert, Paul Price’s, fantastic keynote.image

Since SRI released its major report on the global wellness tourism market a year ago – the GROWTH JUST KEEPS ON GROWING.

Global revenues jumped from $439 billion USD in 2012 to $494 billion in 2013 – or 12.5% growth. Wellness travel now represents 14.6% of all travel spending worldwide.

From 2012 to 2013 wellness travel trips spiked 11.8% – from 524 million to 586.5 million.

Domestic wellness trips (the lion’s share of the market, at 68% of spend) grew 12.1%. International trips grew 10.1%

Primary wellness trips (13% of market) grew 11.2% – while secondary trips grew 11.9% in a year.
International wellness tourists now spend 59% more than the average border-crossing tourist – while domestic wellness travelers spend 159% more.

Market revenue leaders: North America $196.5 billion USD – Europe $178.1 billion – Asia-Pacific $84.1 billion – Latin America/Caribbean $25.9 billion – Africa $3.2 billion.

But look at the developing story for developing regions…Growth from 2012 to 2013: Sub-Saharan Africa 57% – Middle East/North Africa 39% – Asia-Pacific 21% – Latin America 16% – Europe 12% and North America 8%.

Check out Morocco: they doubled their wellness travel trips and expenditures from 2012 to 2013 – to $2.2 million trips and $1.7 billion USD in revenue.

Morocco 2014: Issue 17 Challenge: Creating Spa Experiences That Work Across Cultures Example: The Moroccan Hammam

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There has been a surge in popularity for Moroccan hammams in recent years–both in and out of Morocco. A key reason is that today’s spa-goers are seeking true authenticity alongside spa experiences that actually deliver results. Anyone who’s sampled this age-old ritual of cleansing and purification will understand its special appeal.
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Morocco 2014: Issue 16 Entice, Encourage and Elevate! New Approach to Retain and Develop Talent

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One of the most difficult issues facing our ever-growing industry is the lack of a qualified, motivated workforce. Research has shown that, wherever you are in the world, you likely face huge challenges when trying to recruit new staff. In fact, a full 95% of respondents to a 2012 survey* said they find it increasingly difficult to find job candidates, especially when it comes to the even more specialized position of spa manager.

This issue is set to get even more difficult as the industry continues to expand. Here’s a sobering statistic: while there are 130,00-180,000 spa managers/directors currently working globally, there are only 4,000 students currently enrolled in spa management-related degree programs. Continue reading

Morocco 2014: Issue 15 Hot Springs Continue to Heat Up

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The renaissance of hot/mineral/thermal springs continues to be a hot topic in the spa and wellness industry. Consumer desire for local, natural and sustainable experiences, along with the uniquely affordable stress-relieving and social benefits of hot springs, has made them particularly viable during the past economic downturn. Investment in both refurbishing and building new hot spring spas is on the rise—and research coming out of this year’s Global Spa & Wellness Summit (GSWS) will shed further light on the industry when, in conjunction with research partner SRI, the first-ever dedicated data on hot springs spas—including market size and current revenues—is released. Continue reading

The 2014 Global Spa & Wellness Summit App is Ready for Downloading!

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Here are a few tips to get you started…

We are so excited for you to begin your mobile app experience for the 2014 GSWS! The mobile app is now live in the Apple Store and on Google Play, just waiting to be downloaded on your device and/or computer desktop. Here is the link to download the app. Please know that you must be a registered delegate to receive access to this app. Before we get started, I want to thank ResortSuite for sponsoring our 2014 GSWS mobile app! Be sure to give them a shout-out when you see them in Morocco.

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Wellness Feels Like It Is Everywhere Now—But Do You Know the “Founding Fathers” That Started This Movement?

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Jack Travis, MD, and Don Ardell, PhD, are widely credited with shaping the way we talk and think about wellness today—pioneering the concept back in the ’70s

Wellness is now a staggering $2 trillion global industry (SRI International). The term and movement is spreading worldwide, and sometimes it feels like the “W” word is now everywhere. Sure, we can roll our collective eyes when it’s cheaply applied to a “lite” TV dinner, but most of us will agree that the world remains in dire need of alternatives to traditional medicine’s reactive, illness-centered model, and that new health concepts based on more self-responsibility—where the goal is a dramatically more comprehensive “total wellness” of body and mind—can be life- and world-changing. Continue reading

Prestigious Global Wellness Tourism Congress Endorsement by Peter Greenberg

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We have been talking for some time now about the gathering momentum and growth within the wellness tourism sector. Since conducting our landmark research last year, The Global Wellness Tourism Economy report has garnered world-wide attention, both in the media and in the halls of ministries from Mexico to Madrid.

One person who has taken particular notice is the renown travel journalist, Peter Greenberg. Peter was part of our agenda last year in New Delhi, and he is joining us again in Morocco, not only to moderate panels and offer his insights into the benefits of wellness tourism, but also to record his syndicated radio show, “Peter Greenberg Worldwide!” Peter will be inviting speakers, presenters and delegates to share their thoughts with his global audience of 40 million listeners. Peter is also taping video segments, directly from our Summit, for his PBS series, “Travel Detective.”

But don’t take my word for it.

If you’re in the wellness and tourism industries, you would be well served to find your way to Marrakech on September 10th!

Morocco 2014: Issue 13 Wired for Wellness

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For some, connecting the terms “wired and wellness” is counterintuitive, especially as being tethered to cell phones, computers and tablets every waking minute of our lives has created a backlash of its own. But we have become a society that is crazy for data – and putting this data to work can truly make us “well”. Continue reading

What are you wearing?

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Dear Colleagues,

In the spirit of this year’s Summit theme of “>>Fast Forward”, technology will play a central role on the agenda.  We will be hearing about the impact of technology on everything from architecture to retail to real estate to brain science!  No matter your particular interest, chances are technology is a big part of your work and your life.

And that’s part of the conversation we’re going to have this year.  And we need your help to bring this to life. Continue reading